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You can help build the success of Baldwin Prep in a number of ways.

Every year, more than 800 Baldwin County seniors go directly into the workforce. Baldwin Preparatory Academy is being built to shape that into opportunities for our students & employers. And it’s already working. Novelis cited this project as one of the motivators behind their recently announced $2.5 billion investment here.

Education and industry are integrated at Baldwin Prep, with industry partners involved every step of the way—from curriculum planning to the design of industry-specific environments for education and training. As an industry partner, you can build success with us on a big scale—and on a very important personal scale. With your help, we’re not just building a better workforce. We’re providing each of those individuals with a new level of education, inspiration and aspiration.

You can help build the success of Baldwin Prep in a number of ways, from on-site speaking engagements and curriculum development to financial sponsorship. Join us in opening new pathways to success. For more information, download our sponsor packet below or contact Lee Lawson (President & CEO, Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance) at or (251) 970-4083.

Getting involved with Baldwin Prep:

Areas of involvement

Industry experts can facilitate student learning by guest lecturing.  This enables students at BPA and core academic classes alike to make connections between their coursework and real-life careers.  Industry professionals can also work with educators to integrate technical and academic learning in a way that is relevant and motivating for students.

Career days allow BPA to invite employers to share information about their industry and connect with interested students or the community at large.

Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) host events at the local, state, and national levels for students to compete with their peers.  These events give students an opportunity to demonstrate competencies in their chosen career field.  Industry professionals can volunteer to judge these competitions, providing much needed expertise and ensuring that students are being judged using workforce relevant standards.  Similarly, CTE programs may bring industry and community partners in to review and assess students’ capstone presentations and portfolios.

Industry experts can engage students by offering more intensive work-based learning opportunities, such as internships and apprenticeships, which bring students into the workplace to connect with industry experts and develop career competencies through hands-on experiences.

Industry experts can support student learning by providing mentorship and career advice to students.  Mentoring involves a limited time commitment from industry professionals, but also allows students to benefit from expert career guidance.

Employers may donate equipment or supplies that meet industry standards, ensuring that students at BPA have access to the appropriate instruments for the respective career fields they hope to enter.

Industry partners can play an active role in identifying, developing, and regularly reviewing the CTE programs of study, at BPA.  This may include serving on a formal advisory committee or providing more informal feedback.  Employers can provide guidance on industry standards, certifications, or program facilities and equipment.  They may also advise on which occupations are in demand and which programs may need to be revised.

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